AUTHOR - Mark Stratton

Author, publisher and tired dad.

Mark is currently a full time Coastal Engineer living on the south coast of the UK with his wife and two children. However, in 2016 he set up Naughty Bird Books in order to publish his first book and the response to it was overwhelming.

With a passion for creating stories for the enjoyment of others his work will inspire children and adults alike. Mark believes a good story that inspires children and challenges their reading should be the core of any picture book. He took up writing at a very young age and many of his most creative concepts come from his inspiration as a child. He has ideas coming out of his ears unfortunately its just a matter of trying to find the time to get them all out!

More recently his own kids have been generating some of the best ideas in the family!!!


ILLUSTRATION - Martine Moriarty

Artist, illustrator, lover of furry friends.

Martine Moriarty is an acclaimed artist living and working amidst the stunning scenery of The Dingle Peninsula on the South West coast of Ireland. She believes that inspiration comes easily when surrounded by the wild and rugged mountains, beaches and breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Turning her hand to illustrating has been a new and exciting challenge for Martine but one which has clearly come naturally to her.
Martine’s love of animals and wild flowers is immediately apparent in all of her work, which captures the essential essence and spirit of anything she chooses to paint.


DESIGN - Sophie Lindsey

Graphic Designer, worker of magic.

Since graduating from the University of Brighton Sophie has taken part in a number of art house residencies in Canada and Spain. Through her continued exploration of systems of daily life and the art world she creates ironic observations that highlight overlooked aspects of the everyday.

Sophie’s broad range of designery talent and eye for detail means that she is able to pull words and art together into wonderful synergies; the result of which are so much more than the sum of their component parts! Sophie has recently stepped into the word of book design layout and we think that her work for us on The Dingle Sheep and Dog book speaks for itself!


Toms self portrait

ILLUSTRATION - Tomo Sturgess

Illustrator, animator, festival lover

Tom is an illustrator and animator based in Portsmouth (UK). His work is made using a mixture of hand drawn and digital techniques. He is always looking for new methods to communicate his ideas which has led him to develop a keen interest in the relationship between art and modern technology.

Tom also loves to hang around at some of the UK’s biggest and most colourful music festivals where he proudly helps the organisers and designers realise their ideas for tens of thousands of people to enjoy.


Debra Hodgson

ILLUSTRATION - Debra Hodgson

Illustrator & Artist

Debra is an illustrator and designer who graduated from Falmouth University in 2014 with a degree in Illustration. Now based in Guildford, she is often out exploring the local area, capturing unexpected moments in her sketchbook and using her doodles to inspire the characters and scenarios within her work. She uses a mixture of digital and traditional media and loves to experiment with all sorts of textures and materials.

Debra always tries to incorporate elements of fun and silliness within her illustrations, whether this be the main focus, or something little hidden within the background, just waiting to be found.


AUTHOR - Amelie Stratton

Creative Creature, Gorgeous Girl!

Amelie is the youngest member of the team by a long way and believe it or not she wrote Gorgeous Girl when she was just 6 years old! Her dad Mark really wasn’t lying when he said some of the best creative ideas are coming from his kids now.

Amelie (now 12) was inspired by her dad Marks endeavours and decided to get up early one morning and write her own book!

Amelie is a creative creature who likes writing poetry, short stories and children’s books!