The dog from Dingle who lost his bark

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The Dingle Dog endures a terrible storm one night and awakes the next day to realise something is missing from his life; his bark! Join him on this exciting and enchanting adventure to find it with a little help from some new, if a little misinformed, friends. Inspired by a story that Mark wrote when he was only 8, this ‘tale’ wont disappoint.

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20 reviews for The dog from Dingle who lost his bark

  1. Laura Denham

    A great read for both children and adults; I would highly recommend! Looking forward to future publications from Mark.

  2. Sandy

    A wonderful book! Its adorable and the illustrations are great.

  3. Mary Rose

    I absolutely love your book! I think it’s fab..I love the story, the rhyming, the reputation of lines (which I hear is very good for little brains!) & I Love the drawings/sketches especially the sleeping giant, Skellig rock etc! Best of luck with it. It’s really gorgeous & I hope you do well.

  4. Sandy Carrigg

    An adorable story of an Irish Terrier on the Dingle Peninsula searching for his lost bark. I bought several copies for myself, for friends and for my grandkids, who adore our Irish Terrier, Rooney. The rhyming story and the illustrations are priceless. A hit!

  5. Charles Balestri

    I was attracted by the books front cover when shopping in Dingle, Ireland. When i read it to my grandchildren back in the USA the response was ecstatic! They loved the story and the illustrations; this book will be a classic! They have me reading it over and over again, the rhymes are very good, natural and spot on! Congratulations on your first book and thank you from our grandchildren for your wonderful book!

  6. Paul Mackie

    We love this book! It is a regular bedtime read in our house – my son loves the whimsical illustrations with the (slightly cheeky!) details. The rhyming verses are really clever and makes it particularly fun to read, plus it’s got a nice positive message at the end. Really great stuff, looking forward to the next tale from this fantastic partnership!

  7. Katalin Szeghalmi

    Lovely book. Cute and well written story with great illustrations. Recommended to every animal lover. I’m very glad to have my own dedicated copy.

  8. Emily Grizzle

    I found this book while vacationing in Dingle and instantly fell in love with the story and illustrations. The story has a sweet lesson involved and is enjoyable for both kids and adults. The illustrations are adorable. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy it and when I got home I regretted not purchasing it. I contacted Naughty Bird Books and Mark and they sent me several signed copies all the way to Oklahoma! The shipping was reasonable and I got my books within a week. I am thrilled to have my Dingle Dog book! Thank you for a story my family will enjoy for years and a great reminder of our time in Dingle.

  9. Kim Melton

    We enjoyed the story and the beautiful illustrations in this adorable children’s book. We can’t wait to share it with our family.

  10. Nancy

    We love this book! The sweet, inspiring story and the illustrations are endearing. While vacationing in Ireland I bought this book to bring back to Boston for my 4 month old grandson. When I read him the book he was more animated and excited than I’ve seen him be with any other book. He was trying to talk to the characters in the book while moving his arms and legs, obviously very engrossed in the whole experience. I just ordered 6 more from Mark to share with others. Very pleased with this find!

  11. Eva Weaver

    We own a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and my grandson loves him. This book and its illustrations capture the Wheaten spirit perfectly. Mark was kind enough to inscribe a copy to my grandson and ship it to the US for us. We enjoyed reading the story and the illustrations were just great. We are hoping there will be more sweet books from this duo very soon!

  12. Jackie G

    My daughter received Dingle Dog’s take as a gift from her aunt. From the first few lines in that first read, we were hooked! The Dingle Dog is an absolutely delightful character who models nice manners and a very practical way to work through a problem. The rhythm and rhyme of the text paired with the beautiful illustrations have won this charming book a place among my daughter’s favorite books!

  13. Elsie Ciaramella

    My first grade students LOVED reading the Dingle dog. They loved the story and rhyming, as well as the illustrations (especially the humorous picture at the end of the book). I would highly recommend this book for every classroom and home.

  14. Ruth

    Love this book so much. I have an Irish terrier mix that loves to bark and looks exactly like the Dingle dog. My little girl gets so much delight and joy from this book. The story is sweet and illustrations are amazing. Another rhythmical read that never gets old or tired. I know this book will be one my daughter treasures for her life. Truly love this.

  15. Sancia wilcox

    This is by far mine an Aoife’s favourite book I’m afraid. I have to read this every night she knows this so well never before I’ve turned the page. She has pointed out the funny little drawings especially the last page of the book. I won’t spoil it for anyone so you should buy it an find out as dingle dog goes on his adventure.
    I would like to thank you for signed book once again extremely kind of you both.
    Book arrived early as always. We can’t wait for your next book
    Sancia & Aoife

  16. Michelle

    I was truly moved by the story of the Dingle dog. I am annoyed that I didn’t find it sooner. The story is beautiful and breathtaking in its simplicity and its clear stirring messages. Ask for help and don’t give up! The pictures are gorgeous and hide funny and charming details. Definitely think it should be part of every bookshelf at home and at school. I have ordered the sheep and toad books and cannot wait!

  17. Penny from London

    I loved the rhyming nature of this book, so easy to follow. It made you want to read to the end to find out whether the dog got his bark back. For me, it confirmed how a event in life can have such an impact on a dog as well as a human and how important perseverance actually is.

  18. Marion

    My daughter loves the book and my husband has to read it to her all the time. What a great surprise for him when he unwrapped his birthday present and found that there was also „the dingle sheep“! Really lovely books. Waiting for one about a pony :-).

  19. Pete Ferguson

    Buying this book for my nephew’s 3rd birthday, we couldn’t resist having a quick read ourselves before posting off; to find a lovely, engaging story, beautifully illustrated. Sure to be a great addition to his library!!

  20. Patricia Smeaton

    I echo what everyone said about this book! It is delightful and beautiful. I would really like to comment on how helpful Mark was in helping me get the book. It was a gift for a family of Irish Terrier lovers in the US – where I couldn’t find the book. Not only did he get it to me quickly, he signed it with a lovely and personal note. The recipients were so excited! Of all the gifts we gave them, this got the biggest smiles. Thank you, Mark!

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