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Sometimes it’s hard to be different, but it can all depend on how you choose to look at things.

Join ToadPig on his journey of resilience, reflection and new-found confidence.

Watch as he learns that even those who you might think are perfect sometimes need a little help too!

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10 reviews for ToadPig

  1. Belinda

    Mark and Tomo – this book is amazing and the message is one that needs to be heard. The illustration is just perfect, brought a little tear to my eye. I will enjoy reading it to my grandchildren and I wish you both all the best in the world!

  2. Denise & Lisa

    ToadPig is a totally inspiring, uplifting story about friendship, gaining self-confidence and loving yourself and others for who they are. It’s a must have gift for Children! Not only is it beautifully written but the illustrations and colours are modern, original and absolutely stunning…who could ask for more!

  3. Sandy Hall

    Tomo, I knew you would make your mark in the illustration world after seeing what you could do when we worked together. Many many congratulations to both of you this is an inspirational book that all should read to their children, can’t wait to read to my grandchildren. Let me know when the next is out xx

  4. Sancia wilcox

    Mark, Tomo. This is yet another great book. We have all of your books so far. You’re book is written beautifully, how toadpig meets a friend an helps him get his confidence.
    May I also say thank you for writing and signing the book for my daughter extremely kind of you both. Xx

  5. Abbie

    A beautiful book with a touching storyline and stunning illustrations.

  6. Viva

    Great print, great illustrations and a wonderful story. I have a very happy niece!

  7. Paul M

    A wonderful tale with a subtle but inspiring message and really interesting characters. The fun ryhming verse makes it ideal for reading to younger children and new readers. We love the fantastic artwork which is full of vivid colour and detail. A brilliant book!

  8. Penny from London

    What a thoroughly enjoyable book and the illustrations were amazing too!
    In my opinion , this book teaches children that in life, being different is not a bad thing at all, that we need to be kind to everyone and that we need to treat everyone as equals and with respect. I couldn’t wait to find out how this book ends. A book you can buy and enjoy at any time of the year. Why not buy this book as a present for a loved one at Christmas?

  9. Margaret O Connor

    Thumbs up to Mark Stratton and his beautifully illustrated children’s books, The Dingle Sheep who could not sleep, The Dingle Dog who lost his bark & Toad Pig. Mark went out of his way to get these books to my grandchildren in time for Christmas. They absolutely love the stories. Watch out for his next Dingle book due out this year.

  10. Tamsin

    This book has officially become the favourite in our house. At bedtime it’s the cutest thing to hear my 2 year old shout TOAD PIG with so much excitement. The story is absolutely beautiful with a great message about kindness. Not to mention a lovely princess (what’s not to love?!?!). Highly recommend 🙂

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